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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Warm With the Chill

1. Adam Ant - Wonderful (4:22)
Because it's true, goddammit. :P

2. Genitorturers - Touch Myself (3:21)
Not strictly true, but this definitely belonged in here, all the same. When I think about you, I eat frozen chocolate. It's about the same difference, in my world...

3. Austin Leeds, Starkillers & Terranova - Only You (Electribe Mix) (6:00)
Speaks for itself, really.

4. Abney Park - Sleep Isabella (4:27)
Needed some steampunk music. All things need more steampunk.

5. Rasputina - I Only Wanna Be With You (3:35)
I fucking love this cover.

6. Colony 5 - Accelerate (3:36)
It's so you, I almost died laughing, when I heard it again.

7. Garbage - Sex Is Not the Enemy (3:04)
*whistles innocently*

8. Depeche Mode - Nothing's Impossible (4:21)
All things are possible at all times, even if some are less probable than others.

9. La Roux - In for the Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix) (5:02)
Again, so you. Or me. Or us, really...

10. Pixies - Here Comes Your Man (3:21)
This was the irresistable and obvious choice for this transition. I don't even know. It just is.

11. Michael Penn - No Myth (4:11)
I just couldn't do this mix without it.

12. New Model Army - I Love the World (5:06)
OH GOD I LOVE THE WORLD... and it might be your fault.

13. Massive Attack - Angel (6:09)
Oddly, this was the track that got me started on this mix. It grabbed my attention in that 'you need to do this RIGHT NOW' sort of way.

14. Torley Wong - Lovers' Dance (4:13)
Torley makes me so happy, and this ... this just goes here. I was gonna do the Lovesickness/Lovewellness combo, but this one just worked better.

15. Chemlab - megahurtz (mindfield aurora mix) (5:08)
You know why this belongs here. And if you don't? Go look up the lyrics.

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