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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And What Do We Say To The DJ?

As any fan of Ottorongo can tell you, the answer to this question is "Fuck You!" We're looking for the songs you hate to hear at the club -- songs that make you want to punch the DJ, so we can get a good set worked up for the Clock the DJ fundraiser event we're planning.

(All DJ punching will be virtual. No actual DJs will be harmed in the process of this event, except by having to listen to the music.)

So far, these are the requests we've received:

- The Combichrist remix of anything. (Filled with Combichrist doing Str8 to Video)
- The Police :: Roxanne (Got that one)
- Lords of Acid :: I Sit On Acid (Got the original mix, but always open to having more annoying versions, if you've got them.)
- Devo :: Whip It (Got it.)
- Katy Perry :: I Kissed A Girl (Got it.)
- Ottorongo :: Fuck You (And what do we say to the DJ? FUCK YOU! I will play this one at least twice, unless someone else comes up with another similarly themed track.)
- Helium Vola :: Omnis Mundi Creatura (Got the album version & radio edit.)
- Rose :: Speed Over Beethoven (Because somebody works in an arcade...)
- The Smiths :: Panic (..."Kill the DJ"...)
- Cascada :: Every Time We Touch (Have I mentioned that Magpie hates Cascada?)
- Project Pitchfork - Timekiller (Got it.)

Anything you don't want to hear? Throw us a comment!

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