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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Uncertain Zombie

Happy Halloween from the Incidental Collective! We knocked this off right before Steamwerks's iPod turned into a brick, last night... It would've been a two-hour set, but then we had no way of taking it to the party. Ffff.

    1. The Cure - Burn (6:37)
    2. Pop Will Eat Itself - Wake Up! Time To Die... (6:41)
    3. Christian Death - Romeos Distress (Demo 81) (3:12)
    4. Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (2:35)
    5. The Cure - Fear Of Ghosts (6:51)
    6. Jon Hallur Haraldsson - Below the Asteroids (5:29)
    7. Covenant - Dead Stars [Radio Version] (4:10)
    8. INKUBUS SUKKUBUS - Away with the Faeries (3:41)
    9. Nine Inch Nails - Dead Souls (4:54)
    10. The Sisters of Mercy - First and Last and Always (4:14)
    11. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Lovely Creature (4:13)
    12. Bauhaus - She's in Parties (5:46)
    13. JOY DIVISION - Transmission (3:34)

    Playlist length: 1 hour 1 minute 57 seconds

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